Entry #5

Make it be known

2013-02-10 01:03:56 by DemonicAlaster

Hey sup Y'all. To anyone who cares i will be making shirts,buttons and other little nic nacks but in the time if any can help to get a bit more attention or more people to notice what i do that be great. Ubtil then just expect more random stuff guys !

~ Alaster


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2013-02-10 11:08:20

Start posting on Deviantart mate, they have a great community for artists.

DemonicAlaster responds:

Yeah i know but even there i don't that much feed back or anything !


2013-02-16 14:03:38

Deviantart doesn't help at all. Take it from the guy who had a 4 year account posting everyday. Post all your stuff here. And make sure to make it "public" so it shows up in the art portal. You;re already scouted right? you should be able too.
Also go to the NG forum and make a Art thread for yourself. post all your pics there, but not all at once(I made that mistake)
Try to post 1 a week... And make sure your art is decent enough for viewers eyes.(not that its not, im just sayin')
Long ago someone told me to only post here if you want exposure... and he was right! recently I noticed, every new pic I post gets over 1,000. now thats a big deal to me! because all i draw are cats....

DemonicAlaster responds:

Lol thanks Niwa O D O ! <3 (no homo's)