Make it be known

2013-02-10 01:03:56 by DemonicAlaster

Hey sup Y'all. To anyone who cares i will be making shirts,buttons and other little nic nacks but in the time if any can help to get a bit more attention or more people to notice what i do that be great. Ubtil then just expect more random stuff guys !

~ Alaster

New Arts

2012-12-31 02:23:35 by DemonicAlaster

Well i took a break...sorta...complex but i'm coming with new art and probably a animation i finally off my lazy butt it's time to get to work !

- Alaster

Yo yo ?!

2012-08-11 03:04:59 by DemonicAlaster

This is more or less a update i rarly ever go...ever but sometimes i forget this not just for flash video as well for other things that art related so i'll be submitting some of my personal art and sometime in the future couple of flash ideas i've been cooking for some time now.

- Alaster

Ideas !

2011-08-23 01:59:28 by DemonicAlaster

as on now i'm have ideas for any kind of animation but clearly busy with school (sadly) but i want to see if any wants to share and disscuss some ideas and possibly start a project of some sort this would be a great learning expercie or however you spell it if anyone does to disscuss PM or IM me thur aim
thank you and looking forward to talking about some idea - Alaster

Flash in Progress

2010-11-12 17:01:49 by DemonicAlaster

i've been trying to find a way to make a sprite (and yes i will make pro not crappy) video and thx to great animator has given good advice on how to make one so stay tone for my first sprite animation which i promise to be well made